PGP – a simple mail signing / encryption tool

In the wake of the revelations about secret services that sniff e-mails, crooks stealing identities and etc, I decided it was clearly time to upgrade my e-mail behavior. So I installed GPGMail on my Macbook. It was surprising how easy it was to do, just a simple installation of the tool, generating keys for my e-mail accounts and voila, it was working.

Of course, this is the easy way, but I didn’t stop there. Because generating keys is a simple task and you can then sign e-mails (make it possible to prove you wrote the e-mail) and encrypt e-mails to people you have the keys from. But in case of a system loss, by for example simply switching to a new workstation or loosing the hard drive, you might loose your keys as well. So I wrote them to a USB Stick, added a password to the stored keys and added a Keepass file for a worst case scenario (where I have to restore e-mailfunctionality).

Now all that I have to think of, is where to place that USB Stick. Because when my house burns down, I still would have lost both my laptop and USB Stick and no means to access e-mails. Probably I’ll make a backup-copy and give that to a family member.

So if people want to contact me, you can find can find my keys on for example; Uni Mainz, Surfnet or GnuPG.

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